6 Benefits Of Incorporating Video Into Your Recruitment Process

January 10, 2021

6 Benefits Of Incorporating Video Into Your Recruitment Process

Traditionally recruitment has been a lengthy and arduous task for any business. Advertising jobs, speaking to recruiters, trawling through endless CVs and applications and then spending hours interviewing unsuitable candidates. 

Why in the digital world we live in are some employers and recruitment agencies still relying on a CV to select candidates to interview. We are in the 21st century whereby we are all using digital innovation to do everything in our lives so, why should recruitment be any different? Covid has made businesses rethink their process and we’ve seen companies using platforms such as Zoom to interview candidates, but there’s so much more video can do for your business.

Enhancing the candidate experience whilst making your recruitment process more efficient and effective surely is a win-win situation.

So, what are the benefits to using video;

  1. You get to see candidates personality in an interview environment before committing to meet with them
  2. Speeds up the recruitment process for both you and the candidate 
  3. Attract a better calibre of candidate from both the active and passive market
  4. Enhance the candidate experience 
  5. Reduce the time you spend interviewing
  6. Increase your time to hire by up to 70%

We utilise the latest video engagement software which allows YOU to....

  • Connect with the best talent, anywhere, anytime. Our completely mobile platform puts you in control of when and where you want to connect.
  • Watch your interviews any time, from any device. With 24-hour access to your applicant tracking system you can fit your recruitment process around your business.
  • Share the candidate recordings with colleagues or managers and manage all of your vacancies and shortlisted candidates in one place.

Our innovative approach to recruitment has increased our clients interview to hire ratio by almost 50% meaning that 1 in 2 candidates are being hired. We are attracting a great calibre of candidate due to our dynamic approach, often representing candidates on an exclusive basis.

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