87% of UK workers would consider a new role, right now

October 13, 2020

87% of UK workers would consider a new role, right now

According to the latest data from LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, one third of the UK workforce is actively looking for a new job whilst a further 26% of workers are casually looking for a new job and 30% – while not actively looking – are open to the right offer. This means that only 13% of workers are not looking and not interested in any new opportunities right now.

And whilst many may well be making up for the time of increased instability due to coronavirus over the past few months, it seems that the key impetus for the change is the way in which bosses handled their company’s reaction to the pandemic.

Some industries have fared well with worker confidence; retail, software and IT services, finance and construction workers anticipate strong, steady improvements in their companies over the next six and 12 months, which speaks to confidence in leadership – yet others aren’t anticipating a bright future. The least optimistic about the future of their companies are those in the education, non-profit, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

In some industries, such as media & communications and entertainment, people were relatively optimistic about their employers’ longer-term future while still remaining among the least confident when it comes to their own individual workforce outlook.

The overall ‘confidence score’ – a measurement LinkedIn takes every month to gauge how employees are feeling about their stability and wellbeing – across the UK workforce is 14%. This represents the same as last month, but a two-point decrease from that recorded in July.

Another key reason for the surge in seeking new employment is safety concerns. 31% of respondents noted they had returned to their workplace full time, while 18% said they'd been spending some of their time working remotely and the rest of the time at their office or other place of work. More than four in 10 said they were working remotely full-time.

Of those who were working from the office some or all of the time, 49% said they had concerns about being exposed to others who don't take safety guidelines seriously. Other concerns included being exposed to large groups of people in meetings or public/shared spaces at 33% and commuting at 22%.

A massive 41% stated that they currently feel isolated and lonely whilst working remotely, suggesting that bosses aren’t ensuring that communication is a top priority, whilst 35% stated that they were concerned about the possibility of stagnating in their careers.

All in all, this article from Executive Grapevine highlights that for those employers considering recruiting then now is a good time to look at your strategy. Although there are a number of candidates actively looking you also need to consider how you get the opportunity in front of 30% who would consider a move.

87% of the population would consider a move right now, if you want to discuss how you could attract the best talent for your business then get in touch with our team of experts on 0333 888 4048.

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