AI in the Recruitment Industry

June 12, 2019

AI in the Recruitment Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prominent across all industries and the recruitment sector is no exception. With many intriguing and inventive AI-driven solutions frequently emerging there is no doubt that the landscape of the recruitment industry as we move forwards will feature AI to a great extent.

That being said, there have been incidents along the way which have highlighted the need for human common sense and monitoring over a purely AI approach. For example, cases have come to light where AI has acted in a dissatisfactory way due to the data at its disposal resulting in gender biasing in the recruitment process.

As a forward-thinking agency operating within the sales and marketing sectors, we are always keen to keep abreast of technological developments that can assist us in providing the solutions we strive for and attracting the top talent within the industry. So, we were only too glad to delve into the ocean that is AI and provide you with a quick insight into how AI is impacting the recruitment process. To do this we have selected a handful of our favorite trending uses of AI in recruitment at present.


Chatbots are a way of connecting with candidates in an instantaneous, real-time environment. They can mitigate time-consuming telephone conversations for both parties enabling key facts to be obtained and questions to be answered before one to one human contact is required. Utilising AI-powered assistants can have a very positive impact on the candidate experience as they can ensure applicants receive regular updates and feedback and are always on hand to answer questions. As with anything AI orientated balancing this with human interaction and follow up can have an extremely positive impact on the initial interaction.

Passive Candidate Relationship Building

At Chrysalis we are passionate about our focus on passive candidate sourcing to provide the best talent pool when it comes to selection for our clients. We are very excited about the developments AI has the potential to deliver in terms of enabling us to build relationships with passive candidates. Software solutions such as Beamery enhance a recruiter’s ability to go beyond the standard touch points with candidates and establish and maintain productive relationships.

Candidate Rediscovery

In today’s job market, it is a fact that many companies struggle to find top talent. However, with AI the question arises “What if the perfect candidate is already here”? Any recruiter worth their salt will have an established database or talent pool. AI now assists in the screening of this - resulting in time saved and an improved service all round. Talk about targeting hidden treasures!

The Appeal of Your Communication

There is definite science to writing the ideal job description. AI has identified this and developments now allow us to maximise the composition of our job postings to our client's advantage. Advances in AI allows us to pinpoint key phrases and styles within job postings and ascertain the type of candidate they will attract and highlight any propensity for bias so we can ensure that what we post will have the maximum impact and resonate with our target candidates. The use of platforms including Textio and Harver are being embraced by big brands globally to provide them with the edge when it comes to their recruitment process.

Diversity Hiring

Diversity hiring is definitely up there alongside AI as a hot topic for the year. As we already know, human beings can occasionally be biased towards decision making. This isn’t ideal when it comes to diversity hiring. Which is why AI is now being leveraged to help recruiters with diversity hiring efforts. Solutions can range from AI-powered chatbots to blind hiring and inclusive adverts.

Facial Expression Analysis

We are no strangers to the use of video when it comes to the recruitment process and it would appear that AI is going to further enhance its use. Historically video interviews using platforms such as Skype came in handy for hiring remote workers. However, video interviews are now also a very interesting tool to use for non-remote candidates too! The combination of video and AI technology allows us to provide a greater insight into prospective interviewees – see our Video Interview Screening for more information. However, AI goes one step further and even provides the ability to analyse a candidate’s facial expressions, capture their mood and even assess personality traits. As expected, not everyone is a fan of this technology and there’s endless debates on whether the technology can reliably analyse every face and form of expression. This is certainly on our watch list and will be an extremely interesting topic for the future.

As excellent as all these technological advancements are for the industry it must be remembered that they are tools to assist with the search and enhance the process and nothing can replace a face to face personal approach coupled with basic gut instinct. Everything in moderation and utilising developments whilst not relying too heavily on these tools is certainly our approach. As a forward-thinking recruitment agency we are already utilising AI to a reasonable degree in order to provide us with a competitive advantage and positively impact the levels of service we provide however we are careful to combine this with our personal experiences, skillsets and instincts to ensure balance and a personal, effective approach to the process we provide our clients.

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